About the Blog:

Strong as Stone is a way for us to learn, grow, and share in community as we all continue this crazy journey called life together!

While our primary focus is health and wellness (both physical and mental) we have a wide range of post topics. This includes exercise and mindfulness techniques, current health news, product reviews, easy real food recipes, and Military life strategies. Our goal is to learn and grow together so that we can empower everyone to live healthier, more fulfilling lives--including ourselves!

Everyone is a work in progress. Despite this, we have learned that that achieving a holistic lifestyle doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming so long as we work together as a community. So come join us as we strengthen our mind, body, and heart together! 

Meet the Stones:


I am 28-years old, a professional musician for the Army, and live in Davidsonville, MD (right outside of DC).

I grew up in Minneapolis, went to college in Boulder, graduate school in NYC, and served my first two years in the Army at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio.

I have a passion for food, fitness and living a happy, mindful life with my husband and Wolf hybrid, Shiro.

After being diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease in 2011, I knew I had to make a drastic lifestyle change. By adopting a grain-free diet, dialing back on strenuous exercise, and managing my stress, I have been able to manage my symptoms and completely be off medication.

I enjoy lifting heavy weights, sprinting up hills, meditation, yoga, hiking, wine tasting, trying new restaurants and cooking.


When not obsessing over video games and writing fantasy novels, I am the Director of Apotheosis Studios. Grounded in a deep and unyielding passion for psychology, meditation, fitness, and philosophy, I undeniably think more than I should, but am only one deep breath away from being more grounded! 

Fun facts:
Although I'm 30 now, in my early 20's I lived on the side of a mountain for a year in near total solidarity for a meditation retreat but was chased away due to one of California's infamous wildfires! I also used to LOVE dumpster diving but my wife does not approve, so I can only do that when she is on tour...

Back when I regularity taught yoga and martial arts, I was super flexible. Now, however, I'm lucky if I can touch my elbows together. But its not all a loss, because instead, I can bench 315 lbs for a solid 12 reps! I'm sure I could go higher, but don't want to tear my rotator cuff cuff for a 3rd time...

Our Story

We met in 2011 in lovely Boulder, Colorado and eloped two years later before Becca went off to serve her country in the United States Army. 

Although we strive to be avid homesteaders, our first fully organic vegetable garden was a bit of "learning experience" where only the red hot chili peppers survived the bugs!

We are super excited to share our stories, learning, and fun times with you. Please feel free to chime in and share your questions, feedback, and ideas.


(aka: Baby Boy, Shireena, Shyshy, Shed head, Bad Boy Johnson, Creeping Charlie, Sun Goddess, Scaredypuss, Grumperstein, Wimperstein, Shederstein...)

My favorite pastimes include:

Sleeping on the floor/vent/couch/chair/grass/sun; going on sprints, runs, walks, hikes, etc; singing with mommy's horn; waiting for anyone to drop food; playing with other doggies; chasing: cats, squirrels, chipmunks, small dogs, small children, small cars, birds...; pooping where I am not supposed to; not taking baths!


Huge thanks for stopping by! Feel free to send us an email with questions or comments at StrongAsStoneContact @ Gmail. com. Also, check us out on instagram, facebook, and twitter for daily updates!

Talk to you soon!