Becca's Friday Fitness Favorites

Happy Friday, everybody! Hope you all had an awesome week and have fun plans for the long weekend. Every Friday Jamison and I are going to trade off sharing our five favorites of the week, and for this first one, I want to focus on my five fitness related favorites. I hope you get inspired to incorporate some of these into your own routine!

Favorite workout: Tabata! This HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout delivers maximum benefit in a short amount of time with little or no equipment. Developed by Japanese Professor, Dr. Izumi Tabata, the workout involves 20 seconds of maximum effort followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeat this formula 8 times for a heart-pumping 4 minute workout (with an option to repeat with a new exercise after a 1-2 minute recovery). If this workout is done correctly (give it your all during those 20 seconds!), your metabolism will skyrocket causing you to burn calories for hours even after your work-out is done! Pretty awesome, huh? You can do this anywhere- hotel room, backyard, living room, gym, etc. My favorite exercises to use are jump squats, push-ups, lunges, sprints, sit-ups, and burpees, but you can try whatever elevates your heart rate. Just remember to fully recover in between exercises, so you can reach that maximum level effort.  (Download this Tabata timer app)


Favorite post workout fuel: Depending on the intensity of my work-out, I rotate between a shake with Reserveage Grass-fed Whey Protein, Double Chocolate Chunk Quest Bar (be sure to check the ingredient labels of these bars- many flavors contain artificial sweeteners!), Coconut Cacao RxBar, Almond Honey Rise Bar or on special occasions, Jamison and I will reward ourselves with Indian buffet at our local favorite, Royal Karma.


Favorite athlete: Christmas Abbott! This chick doesn't need any explaining, but if you've been living under a rock, this inspirational female powerhouse is a former NASCAR pit crew member, professional athlete (Olympic Weightlifter and CrossFit star), and author of the bestselling The Badass Body Diet. If you need some work-out inspiration, follow her on Instagram!


Favorite workout wear: Lululemon Wunder Under Crop- I have had these for several years and they still feel and look brand new!


Favorite workout accessory: Lululemon Un-mat or Manduka Superlite Yoga Mat- Because my job takes me on the road over 100 days out of the year, I do my fair share of hotel room work-outs, and both of these thin mat fits great in my suitcase and have the perfect amount of grip for practicing yoga. Even when I am not traveling, this mat is awesome for layering on top of my regular mat for hot yoga or if you need extra padding. 

What are some of your fitness favorites? Let us know in the comments!