Frugal Fitness Series Part 1: Yoga

Do you ever feel like your budget is holding you back from staying fit or trying out new work-outs? Well, with these 8 tips, you will be able to get in shape or get out of that work-out rut without breaking the bank. The Frugal Fitness Series is going to focus on a different topic each month starting with one of my favorites: yoga! 

I believe that yoga is a necessary practice to implement into your training in order to stay mentally and physically fit. However, when first venturing into yoga stores and studios, you may wonder how anyone can afford all of it! So, I have come up with some pro tips so you can get your "om" on without stressing about money. 

1.  Community/Donation Yoga Classes: Most yoga studios will have one class per week (generally on a Friday or Sunday early evening) that is either pay what you can or a reduced drop-in price. This is a great way to try out a variety of studios without paying any pricey monthly fees. 

2. Lululemon: Every weekend (either Saturday or Sunday depending on where you live) Lululemon hosts a free one-hour yoga class featuring a different studio and teacher each week. If you are new to yoga or are nervous about practicing in a class setting, this is the perfect way to familiarize yourself with the basics and be surrounded by people of all levels in a lighthearted atmosphere.

3. Athleta: Much like Lululemon, Athleta also hosts free yoga and various other group fitness classes every weekend. 

4. Online Classes: Even though you really have to sift through classes to find quality instruction, there are plenty of resources online for an at-home yoga practice. My favorite part about online classes is the ability to pick your level and amount of time all in the comfort of your living room! Here are some of my favorites, so you don't have to do the work:, and yogawithadriene

5. Podcasts: Recommended for the more intermediate yogis who don't need to rely on visual cues and are familiar with basic Sanskrit names for poses. This is an awesome way to continue your practice on the road! Here are my favorites: YOGAmazing, Kripalu Yoga Break and Power Yoga with Dave Farmar.

6Work Study: Many yoga studios will offer free classes in exchange for your help in the studio, which might include cleaning, front desk work, marketing, childcare, etc. 

7. Groupon/Living Social/Amazon Local: There are so many new yoga studios popping up everywhere, and in order for them to gain a new client base, many will post deals on one or all of these daily discount sites. With all the yoga studio and health club options, you can hop around and pay less than $50 each month. This past month, I paid only $29 on Groupon for an unlimited month at an upscale hot power yoga studio!

8. Meetup is a great way to meet like-minded people and try new things! There are so many yoga meetups in every city that you can join to help you stay in-the-know about local events, classes, workshops and festivals. If you live in the Annapolis/DC/Baltimore area, I host a Meetup group that meets every week for free and/or discounted yoga, so please join if you are interested!

Have you used any of these tips to save money on yoga? 

What are some of your frugal fitness strategies?